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Cherries! The quintessential taste of a New Zealand summer and a Kiwi Christmas. No Christmas

table is complete without a bowlful of fresh NZ cherries and we’re putting a bowl out on the

counter this morning for everyone to help themselves to. Just a little taste of summer and all the

good things that await us, for Day 10 of Nectar’s 12 Days of Christmas. P.S. Sadly, we can’t

support any cherry-stone-spitting competitions inside the café.

Your new favourite espresso bar + cafe is located at 286 Princes Street. We pride ourselves on delivering the finest coffee experience and a simple and delicious food menu to match, all of us here at Nectar will make sure your visit is great everytime.

Services for You

Nectar can also be hired as a venue and we can provide options for catering, corporate lunches, high teas, birthdays or any private functions.



The first snowman ever documented was from 1380. There is a marginal illustration from a work titled Book of Hours found in the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, in The Hague.That’s one old snowman.
The world’s tallest snow woman was built in 2008 in Bethel, Maine. Named “Olympia” in honor of the U.S. Senator representing Maine, she weighed 13,000,000 (yeah, 13 million pounds). She is 122 feet 1 inch tall, with skis for eyelashes, tires for buttons, and arms of entire pine trees. Whoa.
What does a snowman eat for dinner? An ice-”berg”-er! (Okay, cheesy I know.)

Todays Menu Highlights - Tuesday 23rd of December

Feel free to choose from the chefs specials for the day. Our specials change daily depending on seasonal ingredients and how the chef is feeling. If you would like to have our specials mailed out to you daily, get registered on the Nectar Mailing List.

Sweet Scones $3.80

Savoury Cheese Scones $3.80

Salads Small ($6.00) Large $10.00

Burritos $10.00

Filo Parcels $10.00

Pasties $10.00

Risotto Of The Day $16.50

Today's Soup $9.50

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Chance of Rain: Chance of Rain. High:19C.
Chance of Rain. High:19C.
Chance of Rain: Chance of Rain. High:19C.
Chance of Rain. High:19C.
Scattered Clouds: Scattered Clouds. High:23C.
Scattered Clouds. High:23C.

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